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A Bilingual Webquest for Students of Spanish and English Grades 10 to 12

Students will research Puerto Rico online, then communicate via e-mail with students in Puerto Rico to discuss different aspects of the island. Discussion topics include tourism and the environment of the island, and comparing the treatment of the Taino Indians in Puerto Rico by the Spaniards with the treatment of the Cherokee Native Americans in North Georgia by English settlers. Students will also learn about Puerto Rico statehood and collaborate with their e-mail buddy to write a four-page paper outlining the pros and cons of statehood.

A Butterfly’s Life Grades 2 to 6

Created for an Illinois elementary school, this award-winning site shows young children lots of different aspects of butterflies. There are also lesson ideas, links to science standards, and a number of illustrations. This site is both a good elementary science tool and a great illustration of what creative teachers can do in packaging instructional material for the web.

Adaptive Technology and the Internet Grades 7 to 12 American Library Association

This site offers a collection of resources offering assistance with adaptive technologies to make the Internet more accessible to those with disabilities. There are resources for vision, hearing, and motor deficits, as well as general resources on how information providers can accommodate the needs of the disabled. From the American Library Association.

Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Grades 1 to 12 Adobe Systems Inc.

Acrobat lets web site operators “publish” files in a format that looks precisely like a printed page. Acrobat is especially useful for sharing instruction manuals, long reports, or files with lots of graphics, tables, or other non-text information. The Acrobat reader is available free from Adobe, and you can configure your browser to open Acrobat files automatically when you get them from the Web. This page also contains a link to download the Adobe e-book reader.

Alta Vista Grades 4 to 12


Analyzing Information Sources Grades 9 to 12 Cornell University

Cornell University’s guide to evaluating online information sources would be a great primer for teachers who are not proficient web searchers. High school students will also find this site a useful way of separating the reliable research sources from those less trustworthy.

Assistive Technology in Schools Grades 1 to 12 WestEd

This site offers a broad collection of ideas, resources, and best practice discussions regarding the uses of assistive technology in schools. While the precise applicability of these resources will depend on local circumstances and student populations, this site could be a live-saver for teachers suddenly faced with a special education technology need.

Building a School Web Site Grades 7 to 12 Wanda Wigglebits

This is a well-written tutorial introducing HTML, site design, server issues, and many other topics. If you’re interested in building your own site, or even if you just want to try a sample HTML page, this tutorial has both the detail and the tone to help. Privately published.

Building School Web Sites Grades 7 to 12 Jamie McKenzie

No two schools tackle this job in the same way, and the rapid evolution of new software and web management tools means that “how to” guides can quickly become dated. This site, however, offers some basic principles and ideas for districts interested in starting or revising their web presence.

Cinco de Mayo Webquest Grades 2 to 3

Students will learn about the history of Cinco de Mayo and the Hispanic culture on this webquest. In groups of four, they work through seven different activities involving web research. Activities range from answering questions to making a piñata to sampling Mariachi music. A list of books on Cinco de Mayo is also included.

ClarisWorks and AppleWorks tutorials Grades 1 to 12 Cindy O’Hora

This is a neat little collection of tutorials, tips, and other ideas to help Claris and Appleworks users get the most out of their software. In addition to introductory ideas, there are plenty of tips for more advanced users on topics like using spreadsheet functions. If you use either of these software packages, this is a great resource.

Complying with the Children’s Internet Protection Act Grades 1 to 12 State of Wisconsin

A summary of the steps which schools, libraries, and similar institutions must take to comply with this act’s security provisions. A useful guide to librarians, administrators, or those developing web content for young people. Developed by the state of Wisconsin.

Copyright and Fair Use Grades 1 to 12 TeachersFirst

This is a collection of resources to help teachers and computer users understand the application of copyright and fair use laws to their work.

Try these resources if you’re unsure about how copyrighted materials can be used in the classroom.

Copyright Bay Grades 1 to 12

Here’s a whimsical look at copyright that may be useful for those who need an entire tutorial on the topic. If you’re looking for quick answers to specific questions, there are better sites than this, but it works well for a general overview.

Copyright Issues for Multimedia Grades 1 to 12

This is a well-organized, comparatively easy-to-use description of what is and is not considered fair use of multimedia materials in classroom presentations, student assignments, and similar activities. It links to a considerably longer document that establishes a number of principles that can be applied to just about any multimedia project or activity. While copyright is never a completely “black and white” issue, this resource adds considerable clarity.

Copyright Resources Grades 1 to 12 Stanford University

This is the Stanford University Library’s site for copyright and fair use information. It provides detailed information on copyright restrictions and the use of copyrighted material for educational use. It also contains links to legal resources and other information dealing with the use of copyrighted material in education and teaching.

This site provides detailed information on copyright restrictions and the use of copyrighted material for educational use.

Cosmo Player Download Grades 1 to 12 Computer Associates

The Cosmo player lets you view and manipulate 3D and virtual reality displays, which are frequently used in sites dealing with art or outer space. If you have Netscape Communicator 4.x, the Cosmo player is already installed.

Cyber Patrol Grades 1 to 12 Ziff Davis


Cyber Sentinel Grades 1 to 12 Ziff Davis


Cyber Snoop Grades 1 to 12 Ziff Davis



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