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Defining Middle Eastern Borders – Lines in the Sand Grades 6 to 12 TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst’s comprehensive Middle East resource examines the interplay of cultural, political, economic, and religious borders in the mideast from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

This “Teachers Tool Kit” offers a wealth of primary sources, guiding questions, and an interactive timeline, all geared to helping students understand the underlying issues and tensions that have made stability in the mideast so elusive for over a century. Teachers can use these resources as a complete unit, or as part of their own curriculum.

400 Years Ago Today Grades 1 to 12

While not strictly Shakespeare, this site helps students understand what was going on in the world in Shakespeare’s day. The items included cover a wide range of topics.

A Complete History of France Grades 6 to 12 French Ministry of Culture

Here’s a chronicle of French history from the second century BC to the 20th Century. Information is presented in a clear, organized way. Excellent source for creating timelines.

A Medieval Technology Timeline Grades 5 to 12

There’s more here than meets the eye. This site offers a time-line showing the evolution of simple tools and technologies during the middle ages. Those who are persistent will also find more detailed drawings and explanations of the various implements. This is a great site to show how major changes can arise from simple inventions.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust Grades 4 to 12

Links to Holocaust literature and reading list classified by elementary, middle and high school levels. Source: Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida

A Victorian Christmas Grades 4 to 8 TeachersFirst

This unit introduces Victorian Christmas customs and offers several activities which students can complete to show their understanding of Christmas celebrations a century ago.

Adventure Learning Foundation Grades 6 to 12

This searchable site provides resources for teaching geography and culture. Currently, the page’s “expeditions” are limited to Baja California, American Southwest, Southern Africa, Oaxaca Mexico, and Peru.

There are lesson plans and links for each expedition.

Africa Online Grades 6 to 12

A current events site focusing on African cultures and affairs, with lots of pictures, graphics, short articles and topical information.

Africam Grades 4 to 12

Here’s a South African site that offers images and camera feeds from a variety of wildlife parks and refuges in Africa. There’s no way to know exactly what you’ll find, and the speed of your connection will certainly affect the performance, but you can find great images here.

African Voices Grades 6 to 12

The Smithsonian has created a colorful, if sometimes awkward, resource for studying African history, art, and culture. The site features works by African sculptors and artists, but the African history time-line is the most useful instructional component. It shows African influences in Spain, the New World, and many other places. We hope the content for these sections will expand over time. Still, this is a very useful resource for explaining the evolution and spread of African cultural elements.

Akhnet Grades 4 to 8

This British site about Egyptian tombs, burial practices, and culture offers lots of photos coupled with personalized commentary about the ways in which the ancient Egyptians buried their dead and the state of their tombs today. The design is a little dated, but the information’s thousands of years old anyway, and the presentation doesn’t suffer for it. Good site for basic student research.

Al-Bab.com Grades 6 to 12

We have great difficulty finding understandable, unbiased sites about the Arab world. This one, created by an independent British scholar, does a credible job of making a very different culture accessible and understandable to Western readers. There is a wealth of resources, including news summaries and extensive cultural information.

Teachers may find this site most useful as a backgrounder for their own use, though there is much here that, with proper guidance, would be useful for students.

All About French Culture Grades 6 to 12

This site lets French students read all about France, from its rich history, complete with timelines, to the traditions that are still alive today. You can even experience an outdoor café on a Paris street.

American and Japanese Cities Grades 4 to 8 Ask Asia

Help students develop consciousness of differences between cultures and communities by comparing cites in the U.S. and Japan.

Anastasia – In Internet Adventure Grades 6 to 12

Combines a history of Czarist Russia with a search for the Romanov jewels. Great graphics and engaging design for students.

Ancient Egypt Grades 4 to 12

This site from the British Museum offers a literate, visually attractive, yet very approachable on-line study resource on Egyptian culture, customs, and history. The site has numerous topics and layers, with most content delivered through stories. There are also instructional games and quizzes. Five stars for this one!

The “staff room” feature is especially nice for teachers, offering teacher instructions directly from each student page, or in sequence if you prefer.

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans Grades 4 to 12 Detroit Institute of Art

From the Detroit Institute of Art comes this nicely illustrated collection of teacher-created lesson plans about ancient Egypt. Suitable for a wide range of grades, these lessons encompass both art and ancient history. The materials lists vary considerably, so assess your resources before assigning these.

Ancient India Grades 6 to 12 British Museum

The British Museum’s site about ancient India has seemingly endless nooks and crannies, each of which leads to a flash-based encounter about the history and culture of India. Try it as part of a world cultures course, and introduction to Buddhism or Hinduism, or a look at the geography of the Indian subcontinent.

Careful searching should lead to content for almost any grade level.

AncientMexico.com Grades 6 to 12

This is a remarkably well-done site dealing with “the art, culture, and history of ancient Mesoamerica.” The bulk of the content deals with the cities, gods, and conquest of ancient Mexico, but there are additional sections on Peru and Chile. These latter two are much more works in progress.

Teachers whose curriculum includes the Inca and Aztec civilizations will find this site a great presentation resource. You’ll need a speedy connection for the Flash components.

Aneki.com- Country Information, Regional and World Rankings Grades 6 to 12

This Canadian site offers quick, easy access to vital statistics and rankings for 10 regions and more than 190 countries. This is a handy compilation of stats ranging from the typical like population and life expectancy to the less common such as nuclear arms, and HIV prevalence.


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