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400 Years Ago Today Grades 1 to 12

While not strictly Shakespeare, this site helps students understand what was going on in the world in Shakespeare’s day. The items included cover a wide range of topics.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust Grades 4 to 12

Links to Holocaust literature and reading list classified by elementary, middle and high school levels. Source: Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida

A Victorian Christmas Grades 4 to 8 TeachersFirst

This unit introduces Victorian Christmas customs and offers several activities which students can complete to show their understanding of Christmas celebrations a century ago.

Africam Grades 4 to 12

Here’s a South African site that offers images and camera feeds from a variety of wildlife parks and refuges in Africa. There’s no way to know exactly what you’ll find, and the speed of your connection will certainly affect the performance, but you can find great images here.

Akhnet Grades 4 to 8

This British site about Egyptian tombs, burial practices, and culture offers lots of photos coupled with personalized commentary about the ways in which the ancient Egyptians buried their dead and the state of their tombs today. The design is a little dated, but the information’s thousands of years old anyway, and the presentation doesn’t suffer for it. Good site for basic student research.

Amazon Interactive Grades 4 to 6

This site presents information about the South American Amazon region in an interactive quiz format. The people, plants, animals, and climate of this area are explored through text and graphics. Students are challenged to successfully plan and manage a locally controlled ecotourism site in a simulation game provided on the site. Can be used to supplement a unit on environmental science or a social studies lesson about the indigenous people of South America. Created by Educational Web Adventures.

American and Japanese Cities Grades 4 to 8 Ask Asia

Help students develop consciousness of differences between cultures and communities by comparing cites in the U.S. and Japan.

Ancient Egypt Grades 4 to 6 Thinkquest

Use interactive web games to learn and test about ancient Egypt in this student made site. Students could use this as a springboard for further research or to gain overall knowledge about Egyptians. Thinkquest Junior Winner: first place, social studies, 1998.

Ancient Egypt Grades 4 to 12

This site from the British Museum offers a literate, visually attractive, yet very approachable on-line study resource on Egyptian culture, customs, and history. The site has numerous topics and layers, with most content delivered through stories. There are also instructional games and quizzes. Five stars for this one!

The “staff room” feature is especially nice for teachers, offering teacher instructions directly from each student page, or in sequence if you prefer.

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans Grades 4 to 12 Detroit Institute of Art

From the Detroit Institute of Art comes this nicely illustrated collection of teacher-created lesson plans about ancient Egypt. Suitable for a wide range of grades, these lessons encompass both art and ancient history. The materials lists vary considerably, so assess your resources before assigning these.

Ancient Egypt Webquest Grades 4 to 6

Here’s a webquest done by a Massachusetts teacher for his students. This is an extensive project with several layers and a lot of activities and detail. It’s a great resource if you’re studying Egypt, or if you’d like a good model for creating a webquest.

Anthropology on the Internet for grades K-12 Grades 1 to 12 Smithsonian Institution

This Smithsonian Institute Libraries’ site introduces students to the various elements of the anthropology, the science that examines the origins, physical characteristics, and cultural development of humankind. This serves as a gateway for anthropology resources, providing links to additional resources for archaeology, cultural anthropology, and physical anthropology. This is a good resource for students to use in conducting individual research.

Around the World in the 1890s Grades 4 to 12 Library of Congress

This is a Library of Congress collection of photos taken for the World Transportation Commission in the 1890s. Teachers, students, or parents could use this online archive to illustrate both what foreign nations were like a hundred years ago, and also the subjects that Americans were interested in recording during their journeys. This is a nice example of the primary resources which the Library makes available on the web.

Bluepack Project Grades 4 to 12 Academy for Educational Development

The Academy for Educational Development is operating a project to provide backpacks with educational supplies to school children in Afghanistan. Teachers and parents may find this an attractive service opportunity for students eager to “do something” about the plight of civilians in Afghanistan and the middle east. The backpacks cost $10 each.

British History Encyclopedia Grades 4 to 12

A slightly quirky British resource which provides basic information on people and events in British history. We found lots of details on the lives of monarchs and prime ministers, but not a lot of summary information to put it all in context. Good site for details that other overviews might not include.

Building Bridges Grades 4 to 12 Peace Corps

Subtitled “A Peace Corps Classroom Guide to Cross-Cultural Understanding,” this site provides two units’ worth of lesson plans to help students build their awareness of other cultures. The site is very “teacher friendly,” with printable versions of the pages and worksheets, usage recommendations, and a list of other standards-based resources.

California Mission Panoramas Grades 4 to 12

These virtual reality images vary significantly in quality, but they provide at least an introduction to many of California’s missions for those who cannot visit in person. The images also load acceptably on a dial-up connection.

Canada and the Hudson’s Bay Company Grades 4 to 12 Canadiana

This Canadian site is written expressly for younger audiences, yet the thematic presentation is interesting enough to hold the attention of older students. There’s lots of information, presented in an appealing, easily accessible structure. Great addition to any unit on exploration, or for the study of Canadian history itself.

Canada Teaching Resources Grades 1 to 12

The National Atlas of Canada has compiled a large collection of teaching resources on Canada. They include numerous mapping resources as well as political, native, and scientific topics.

Canadian Heritage Information Network Grades 4 to 12

This site from the Canadian government offers a huge compilation of online resources about Canadian heritage from museums in all disciplines, government agencies, educational instutions. If you’re in search of things Canadian, this is an excellent starting point.


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