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* Signs in Stitches and Song Grades 1 to 5 TeachersFirst

Signs in Stitches and Song is a multi-lesson, interdisciplinary unit about the Underground Railroad for primary students. Concentrating on the codes and signal systems by which escaping slaves found their way northward, the unit includes language arts, science, music, geography and math components. The various elements can be used individually, or in combination. There are extensive illustrations, printable handouts, optional Flash animations, and suggestions for further study.

4H Virtual Farm Grades 2 to 6 Virginia Tech

If your students can’t get out to the country, here’s a way to experience farm life – actually six different types of farms. Suitable for elementary students, there are images, simple text, and a few animations and other illustrations of aspects of each type of farm – everything from fish to cattle and chickens. Primary students could use this one with some teacher assistance. Created by Virginia Tech University.

A Butterfly’s Life Grades 2 to 6

Created for an Illinois elementary school, this award-winning site shows young children lots of different aspects of butterflies. There are also lesson ideas, links to science standards, and a number of illustrations. This site is both a good elementary science tool and a great illustration of what creative teachers can do in packaging instructional material for the web.

ABCteach: African Savannah Grades 4 to 12


Acid Rain in Your Back Yard? Grades 1 to 4

This page from the Portland Aquarium shows young students how to check for evidence of acid rain in their own back yard. Nice introduction to environmental problems for elementary students.

Across the Curriculum with the Wright Brothers Grades 4 to 12 NASA

Another NASA site, this resource has as its emphasis a cross-curricular approach to the centennial of flight. There are links to History (Wright time lines, history of flight timelines, history of NASA); Science, Math & Technology (posters, links to other sites, links to lesson plans), Geography (featuring some stunning satellite photos of Kitty Hawk and other Wright-related sites), Language Arts (related books, a link to poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, a friend of the Wright Brothers’), and Careers (as inventors and in aeronautics, with a special emphasis on women in aeronautics).

Adobe Acrobat file Grades 1 to 12

This is the Adobe Acrobat files for a Primer on Molecular Genetics

African American Inventors Grades 4 to 12

This section from a larger inventors’ site offers biographies and profiles of more than a dozen African Americans who made important contributions to science, engineering, space travel, and other areas. Teachers will find this one useful in showing the variety of accomplishments of African Americans, even in eras in which their rights were severely limited.

AIMS Activities Archived Grades 1 to 6

A sampling of activities from AIMS Magazine with teacher friendly lesson plans and student activity sheets. Lessons also include Mind Boggler activities which can be used to motivate students to further investigation and inquiry. This site is linked to the AIMS home page where additional materials can be ordered.

Air Travelers Grades 4 to 8

Try this elementary science page if your curriculum includes the study of air, air pressure, and the effects of temperature on air, buoyancy, and the like. Much of the content is devoted to hot air and helium balloons, but there’s plenty of science for the younger set here.

Airline History Grades 4 to 12

Here’s an interesting, though oddly-constructed, history of commercial aviation in Britain and the U.S. The narrative is detailed and the photos are instructive, though users will find the site easier to use if they scan it first to see where everything lives. While some sections appear incomplete, interested upper elementary and middle school students will find this story just the ticket.

Alaska Touring with Cumberland Valley Grades 1 to 12 Cumberland Valley School District

Here’s an outstanding student-created site that is being built by a team of high school students who visited Alaska during the week of February 24, 2003. The site includes text, images, and video clips from the trip. The content, segmented by subject, was also mapped to the school district’s curriculum so that 1,200 students in Pennsylvania could take a virtual Alaska field trip. Teachers will want to review this one thoroughly because of its many possible uses. You’ll find everything from tsunami warnings to Native culture to reviews of reindeer sausage.

All Along a River Grades 4 to 12 Thinkquest


Ancient Inventions – Grades 4 to 8

This is a collection of inventions from antiquity compiled by students and faculty at Smith College. There are scores of ancient oddities, with photos and descriptions of each. It’s a great site to show that people have been inventing things for centuries.

Animal Homes Grades 1 to 4

Primary students will like the pictures and short descriptions of a dozen different types of animal homes. Some of the text may be a challenge, but we like this one for its images.

Animaland.org Grades 3 to 8 ASPCA

This interactive ASPCA site has a number of resources for teaching biology and life sciences, as well as good resources for teaching kids the responsibilities associated with owning a pet. The animal encyclopedia has individual animal profiles, and the Career center highlights an assortment of jobs for animal lovers. The Humane Education section has an assortment of worksheets and web-quests to learn more about animals.

Animals of the Arctic Grades 1 to 6 Thinkquest

Animals of the Arctic, a student-created site from Alaska, teaches elementary students about walruses and other arctic animals. Also included in the site are lesson plans for eight interdisciplinary science activities related to arctic animals: making blubber mittens, investigating owl pellets, and more. Thinkquest Junior Winner: second place, science and math, 1998.

Animals, Myths, and Legends Grades 1 to 3

A great assortment of legends that could be printed and discussed in the classroom. The “Playroom” link leads to printable coloring book pages and puzzles.

Animated Engines Grades 4 to 8 privately published

Looking for a nice animated illustration to add to your discussion of inventors and technology? This site offers accurate “wire-frame” illustrations of how several different types of internal combustion and steam engines operate. Each includes a step-by-step explanation of how the engine operates, making it easy to compare differences among engine designs. Even grownups will like this one.

Antarctica – Scientific Journeys Grades 4 to 12 The Exploratorium

This site from San Francisco’s Exploratorium chronicles the journey of a team of scientists from McMurdo sound to the South Pole. The study topics included everything from global warming to continental drift, and there are lots of reports and images to prove it. This would be a nice background site for an Antarctica unit.


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