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BaseballLibrary.com Grades 6 to 12

Users will find lots of detailed baseball history at this nicely written site. There are dozens of links to historical events, biographies, team histories, and statistics. Those interested in baseball as part of American history can find much to enjoy at this one.

Fat and Happy? Grades 6 to 12 Scientific American Frontiers

Here’s an episode from the Scientific American Frontiers site that offers a look at how American young people eat and what their eating habits do to their bodies and futures. Users can view selected program clips, compute body mass, and learn lots of ways to improve their diets by changing what they eat.

Health and fitness teachers can use this resource in lots of ways.

Five A Day Nutrition Grades 4 to 12 National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute now offers this venerable site as an encouragement to make fruits and vegetables a central part of the American diet. Though not designed specifically for students, the site includes complete resources – recipes, promotional ideas, local contact information, etc. – and could be useful for health and nutrition classes.

Game Central Station Grades 1 to 12

A nice collection of K-12 resources which includes both activities for Kindergarten and primary grades, as well as specific suggestions for games like soccer, basketball, and baseball. There are also links to hand signals, rules, etc.

Good Sportsmanship – More Than Just High Fives Grades 1 to 12 PTA

In these times of intense competition it’s important to take the time to remember the value of good sportsmanship. This site takes a look at how it develops and how important parents are in the process.

Gymnastics Lessons and Assessments Grades 1 to 12 Privately Published

A page of developmental gymnastics activities, lessons, and quizzes for those interested in integrating gymnastics into physical education programs. There’s background reading material accessible from this site that might also be helpful for those just starting out.

Iditarod Expedition Lessons Grades 4 to 10 Cabela’s

How would you plan for a solo sled dog race. Here’s a set of lessons that lets students apply their academic knowledge to mastering the planning necessary for a solo race along a lightly marked trail in winter weather. There are real lessons here, and interesting facts galore.

Iditarod Home Page Grades 4 to 12 Iditarod

The home page for the annual Iditarod sled dog race offers all manner of information on the race, the dogs, and the mushers. There’s also information on the Junior Iditarod, and extensive information for teachers and students. This site is useful even during “non-race” seasons.

K-7 Physical education lessons Grades 1 to 7

A Canadian site offering still more activities, also indexed by topic and grade.

Kids Running Grades 1 to 8

Here’s a site that lets kids read, write, and create based on their interest or experience in running. If you’re a physical education teacher interested in making connections with the classroom, this is a site that could build bridges while letting students write about something they enjoy. Worth a visit!

Lesson plans for physical education Grades 1 to 12 Privately Published

Grouped by topic, some with grade levels.  More than 50 different activities.

Organized Children’s Games Grades 1 to 12

A simple listing of lots of games for young ones, along with tips on how these can be adapted for different regional and cultural variations. Who says there’s only one way to play the game!?

PE Central Grades 1 to 12 Virginia Tech University

Long a favorite and still growing, PE Central is a large resource created at Virginia Tech University for physical education teachers. These plans are grouped by topic and grade level, and they include plans and feedback contributed by teachers in schools around the country.

PE Plans Grades 1 to 12

Originally a European collection, this site offers an extentive collection of lesson plans submitted by PE teachers.

Physical Education Lesson Plans Grades 1 to 12

This is a private collection of lesson plans grouped into more than a dozen different classifications, creating an interesting organizational structure. There are five to ten lessons in each category, plus a list of other links for those who need more.

Science and the Olympics Grades 4 to 8 WhyFiles

Developed for the 1996 Atlanta games, this WhyFiles presentation shows the hundreds of scientific connections to modern sports. The presentation looks a bit dated, but the facts are there, and there are lots of ways teachers might use this material to tie to a science curriculum.

So You Want to Host the Olympics Grades 4 to 8

This webquest asks students to research a potential Olympic site and prepare a presentation on why that site should host the games. Depending on age and available time, there’s enough material here for a social studies project lasting several weeks.

Teachers will be able to “slice” this one in lots of useful ways.

The Games Compendium Grades 1 to 12

This site was created for scouts in Britain and offers a collection of indoor and outdoor games, activities, and other items that might prove useful for a PE teacher in search of something a bit different. The content is sometimes nested among other scouting stuff, but it can be worth the effort.

Visit the Winter Olympics Grades 4 to 12 UEN

Unlike many similar sites, the educators’ site for the Salt Lake City games offers abundant content with real educational value. There are country profiles with links to local schools, information on individual sports, training, and nutrition, and lots more.

This is a site that offers olympic connections for almost any subject area. This one’s a must.

Women in Sports Grades 4 to 12

Sports history buffs will appreciate this very complete, but very all-text, chronology of achievements in women’s sports from antiquity to the present. This is useful content, and it is interspersed with links to additional sites about some of the athletes mentioned.


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