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The Grey Labyrinth Grades 6 to 12

Here’s a collection of visually impressive math and logic brain-busters to challenge your class puzzlemasters. The collection changes from time to time, and the game-quality graphics make the site especially attractive to those who have grown up on video games.

10Ticks Grades 6 to 12

This is an unusual “maths” site geared to British standards. American users will be particularly interested in the games and oddities sections, both of which offer collections of number-related activities ranging from a biorhythm calculator to a prime number identifier and more. This is a great site for those who like to play with numbers.

AIMS Puzzle Corner Grades 4 to 12 AIMS Education Foundation

Puzzles are highly motivational tools that capture the imaginations of students. To infiltrate the classroom with a vibrant brand of problem solving, this site offers a tantalizing educational bait-and-hook in the form of a new puzzle each month. Clearly illustrates puzzles and solutions.

BrainQuest Grades 4 to 12 Workman Publishing

Subtitled “it’s OK to be smart,” this site offers a collection of games, puzzles and activities designed to challenge active minds. There are also original articles, a 2-minute quiz, and a post card feature.

Capsule Pipelines Grades 9 to 12

Try this site, which introduces the concept of moving people or freight in capsules, on the inventors in your classroom. Could this concept work? What might it cost, and how would it work. What principles of physics would come into play? Interesting possibilities abound

Chess for Kids Grades 4 to 12 Thinkquest

Don’t let the origins of this Thinkquest site fool you; this is a fully developed instructional site about chess from two students who have mastered the game. More importantly, they’ve been able to describe strategies and chess information in terms that are clear and understandable. There are levels for all abilities from beginner to expert. Well worth a visit.

ChessKids Grades 4 to 12

This site promotes chess, school chess clubs, and chess competitions. It offers free templates and other materials which can simplify running a chess club. There are instructional sections as well, but the focus is on getting students involved with the game.

ChessWise Grades 4 to 12 Mindwise Media

Here’s an entire site devoted to chess, from entry level to serious competitor. There’s a whole range of tutorials and simulations, as well as links to some commercial products and services. Worth a look if you have students who are into chess, or if you’re after a strategy game site.

Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors’ Program Grades 4 to 12 NSTA

The National Science Teachers’ Association offers this competition for science students at various levels. The site offers entry information, resources, and examples. If you’re looking for more than a simple science fair, check this one out.

Cryptic Manor Puzzle Solvers Grades 6 to 12 National Security Agency

Here’s a collection of math puzzles, magic squares, and the like presented by the cryptographers at the National Security Agency. This is a nice collection of interactive math activities that require some real thought. These puzzles are surprisingly kid-friendly, though some of the screen interface is a little rough. Well worth a visit.

Did You Know Grades 1 to 12


Educated Guess Grades 1 to 12 San Diego State Univ.


FIRST Competition Grades 4 to 12 FIRST

Created by inventor Dean Kamen, this competition encourages students in different age groups to team up and tackle challenges in robotics, physics, and engineering. The site offers detailed instructions as well as information on previous competitions – including some examples.

If you have students who are serious competitors, this would be a great challenge.

Fooble :: Perplexus Grades 9 to 12

Here’s one that will tie your brain in knots. Some of these logic puzzles will challenge even advanced high school students, but both solutions and discussion are readily available for those who struggle. There are many different puzzle types, and new content seems to appear regularly. Note, however, that the ad banner space occasionally displays content that some might not deem appropriate for school use.

Teachers will find this one a great source for “extra point stumpers.”

Go Grades 1 to 12 Jan van der Steen

Here’s a Dutch site full of information about the deceptively simple oriental game. There are listings of competitions, rules, and all manner of resources for players. If you’re a go fan, this site is for you.

Grand Illusions Grades 6 to 12

Here’s a collection of surprisingly devlish illusions, mind-games, and other tricks to stump curious students. Most of these require little or no equipment, making them great for quick, indoor activities. If you have students who need an extra challenge, send them here.

History of Recording Technology Grades 6 to 12

The design of this privately developed site shows its age, but users will find abundant content and visuals here. It just takes a little work. The site covers the evolution of technologies ranging from the earliest wax recordings to today’s DVDs. Along the way, users can learn about the people and processes that have helped sound and video recording develop.

Teachers may want to guide their students’ use of this site.

Illusionworks Grades 8 to 12 IllusionWorks, Inc.

Here’s a site dedicated to explaining perceptual and optical illusions – pictures that your head and your eyes can’t agree on! The explanations sometimes overwhelm, but the content is sufficiently visual that most students could understand the reasoning. In any case, the puzzles are fun.

International High IQ Society Grades 6 to 12

Among other elements, this site offers an intriguing set of “IQ tests” that your especially clever students might enjoy tackling. There is also a small collection of puzzles in the non-member section.

Invention at Play Grades 6 to 12 Smithsonian Institution

Don’t miss this engaging exploration from the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for Invention. Learn why play is important for both adults and children, and discover the essential relationship between play, creativity, and invention. The site is loaded with interactive examples and games, and those with broadband connections will enjoy well produced video interviews and explanations.

Try this one if you work with gifted students or are planning a unit on invention or inventors.


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