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AIMS Puzzle Corner Grades 4 to 12 AIMS Education Foundation

Puzzles are highly motivational tools that capture the imaginations of students. To infiltrate the classroom with a vibrant brand of problem solving, this site offers a tantalizing educational bait-and-hook in the form of a new puzzle each month. Clearly illustrates puzzles and solutions.

Brain Binders Grades 4 to 8 Teachnet.com

This is a collection of instructions for puzzles involving paper folding. The site includes patterns which you can download and print.

Brain Teasers Grades 3 to 8 Houghton Mifflin

This site posts a weekly brain teaser for each of several levels. Bookmark it for your students to try, challenge advanced students with higher levels, or post the teasers as the Question of the Week, then check for the answers in a week. Archives allow you to find many past problems as well.

BrainQuest Grades 4 to 12 Workman Publishing

Subtitled “it’s OK to be smart,” this site offers a collection of games, puzzles and activities designed to challenge active minds. There are also original articles, a 2-minute quiz, and a post card feature.

Chess for Kids Grades 4 to 12 Thinkquest

Don’t let the origins of this Thinkquest site fool you; this is a fully developed instructional site about chess from two students who have mastered the game. More importantly, they’ve been able to describe strategies and chess information in terms that are clear and understandable. There are levels for all abilities from beginner to expert. Well worth a visit.

ChessKids Grades 4 to 12

This site promotes chess, school chess clubs, and chess competitions. It offers free templates and other materials which can simplify running a chess club. There are instructional sections as well, but the focus is on getting students involved with the game.

ChessWise Grades 4 to 12 Mindwise Media

Here’s an entire site devoted to chess, from entry level to serious competitor. There’s a whole range of tutorials and simulations, as well as links to some commercial products and services. Worth a look if you have students who are into chess, or if you’re after a strategy game site.

Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors’ Program Grades 4 to 12 NSTA

The National Science Teachers’ Association offers this competition for science students at various levels. The site offers entry information, resources, and examples. If you’re looking for more than a simple science fair, check this one out.

Daily Brains Grades 3 to 6

This one is a daily math-related puzzle for elementary students. We�re particularly interested in the emphasis this site places on showing students HOW to solve the problem. These problems change daily, and there�s an archive of older problems. Additional links connect to math drill and practice games.

Did You Know Grades 1 to 12


Dr. Matrix’ Mind Games Grades 4 to 8


Educated Guess Grades 1 to 12 San Diego State Univ.


Enchanted Mind Puzzles Grades 4 to 8

This collection of Java-based puzzles should be sufficient to challenge even the most devoted of your “puzzle people.” There are computer-based versions of Mastermind, Rubik’s cube, and nearly a dozen other thinking and reasoning games. Each offers its own set of logic and mathematical challenges. Great site for students who need an extra challenge.

Fifty Ideas for the 100th Day of School Grades 1 to 8 TeachersFirst

Here’s a list of 50 things you and your students can do to celebrate the 100th day of school!

FIRST Competition Grades 4 to 12 FIRST

Created by inventor Dean Kamen, this competition encourages students in different age groups to team up and tackle challenges in robotics, physics, and engineering. The site offers detailed instructions as well as information on previous competitions – including some examples.

If you have students who are serious competitors, this would be a great challenge.

Go Grades 1 to 12 Jan van der Steen

Here’s a Dutch site full of information about the deceptively simple oriental game. There are listings of competitions, rules, and all manner of resources for players. If you’re a go fan, this site is for you.

Kids’ Mysteries Grades 4 to 8 MysteryNet

Here’s a page that presents a handful of mysteries that require good thinking for a solution. There’s even a collection of mysteries written by kids. How many can you solve?

KidsPsych Grades 1 to 4

There�s more to this one than meets the eye. This site offers a set of interesting Flash games for children age 2 to 9, along with descriptions of how each game tests and develops logic or thinking skills.

Early childhood or primary teachers may find them useful for “computer time.”

Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Grades 4 to 12

This is an online tool that lets users experiment with lines, fills, and color to create their own kaleidoscope. There are lots of possible imaging, color, and mathematical connections that one might draw from this one. It�s also just plain fun to try.

Math Game Samples Grades 3 to 6 TeachersFirst

Use this collection of math games to increase student interest in math. There are several different games, each of which can be adapted to different curcumstances and ability levels. Includes printable handouts.


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