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100 Years of Flight Grades 6 to 12 Time, Inc.

Time Magazine created this site to commemorate the centennial of powered flight in fall, 2003. Predictably, the site relies heavily on the rich archive of Time-Life photos from the early twentieth century. There are also articles and commentary on many aspects of the growth of commercial and military aviation.

Teachers will find both history and science connections at this site.

Mississippi River Adventure Grades 4 to 8 Army Corps of Engineers

The Army Corps of Engineers created this Flash-intensive site about the Mississippi River and its watershed. Suitable for elementary students, those with the patience to endure an overly long introduction will find a really engaging presentation wrapped in a treasure hunt motif. You’ll need a fast connection and enough time for students to work through the entire site in order to make this one effective.

*The Fifty States Grades 4 to 8 TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst’s states project for students combines the usual “almanac” facts with narratives on native people, early history, economy, and landforms and geography. The result is a one-stop site for upper elementary and middle school students studying their own states, or someone else’s. This project is more than “halfway” complete, and we are adding new states regularly.

1936 Olympics Grades 6 to 12 Smithsonian Holocaust Museum

This site, based on an exhibit from the American Holocaust Museum, uses the 1936 games as a starting point for a visual synopsis of the evolution of the Nazi regime, with a particular focus on its racial and ethnic policies. The result is a succinct, though stark, introduction that should be useful for many students.

Teacher preview recommended.

1968 – The Whole World was Watching Grades 6 to 12 Brown University

This is a fascinating oral history project, created by Rhode Island high school students and Brown University, which documents individual recollections of the turbulent events of 1968, from the war in Viet Nam to assassinations and political upheaval. Written texts as well as audio files make the information available using any browser. Great discussion starter; can also be used as a reference for more detailed study.

2000 Census Data On-line Grades 1 to 12 US Government


225th Anniversary of the Articles of Confederation Grades 7 to 12

Developed by folks in York, PA, which was the nation’s capital during part of the Revolution, this site presents information on the Articles of Confederation, this country’s first constitution. Included are sections on history, people, the text and explanation of the document, and an education section complete with lesson plans. This site is suitable for grades 7-12 and works best with Flash Player and Quick Time.

4000 years of women in Science Grades 6 to 12

A site which explores the discoveries of women around the world and long ago. Here’s a great starting point for those who may not realize the extent of women’s contributions through the ages.

50states.com Grades 4 to 8

This site offers metalists (most of the content isn’t theirs) for each state, including bios of presidents from that state, attractions, public records, and more. There’s much more than history items at this site, which may or may not be an advantage.

A Biography of America Grades 6 to 12 CPB/Annenberg

This American History survey site from the Annenberg Project was created as a companion to the video series of the same name. The chief resource avialable is a collection of transcripts of the programs. There are also timelines, discussion questions, and far fewer images than one would imagine in such a project. This could be a resource for discussion ideas on American history topics or an introductory survey for a student searching for an independent study project.

A History of New York City Grades 4 to 12

The New York City Historical Society offers this retrospective on the growth and development of New York City. First home to thousands of immigrants, the growth of New York was a mirror of American development in the 19th and 20th centuries. Great supplement to any study of American history during these time periods.

A Mohawk Iroquois Village Grades 4 to 8 New York State Museum

This online exhibit from the New York State Museum uses drawings, text, and illustrations to show how the Mohawk built villages and dwellings. There are also firsthand accounts, plans for a model longhouse, annotated illustrations, and examples of artifacts. This could be a useful site for study of Native American tribes and cultures.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust Grades 4 to 12

Links to Holocaust literature and reading list classified by elementary, middle and high school levels. Source: Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida

A Time Remembered Grades 6 to 12 University of Rochester

Treasured moments from the 1850s are relived in the archived collection of Godey’s Lady’s Book, the periodical that many scholars say changed the role of the American woman. Each book is full of poetry, sketches and articles by well-known authors of the time. From the University of Rochester.

Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address Grades 6 to 12

This lesson plan from the American Presidents Project offers a collection of ways in which to engage students with Lincoln’s most famous speech. Lots of good suggestions and strategies. We couldn’t make the various external links work properly, but they’re not essential to the lesson.

Abraham Lincoln Library Kids’ Page Grades 4 to 8 Abraham Lincoln Library

This page is a “first edition” from a newly created museum. It offers basic background on Lincoln’s life and family, along with a very brief biography. We look forward to future additions to this resource.

Abraham Lincoln Online Grades 6 to 12

An extensive online collection of Lincoln information. Relatively new site with additional information constantly added. Grade level of these resources varies widely.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site Grades 4 to 12 Privately Published

This site was created by a retired history teacher who has collected a wide range of resources and information on Lincoln’s personal and political life. Lots of illustrations, appropriately written text, and guidance to other information and resources.

Academy of Achievement: Virtual Museum Grades 5 to 12

Listen to interviews and learn the unique traits of outstanding Americans of Achievement from the 20th century. Achievers are sorted by areas of expertise and by personality traits such as passion or perseverance. This site could inspire a unit on biography or great Americans.

Advertising in America Grades 6 to 12 Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has created a site which presents information and images from early American adverstising efforts – 1850-1920. The site uses the Library’s standard HTML layout, and as usual, the stars of the exhibit are the archival images that have been digitized and included. If advertising is a measure of society’s interests, this site offers a unique glimpse into the past.


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