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Mississippi River Adventure Grades 4 to 8 Army Corps of Engineers

The Army Corps of Engineers created this Flash-intensive site about the Mississippi River and its watershed. Suitable for elementary students, those with the patience to endure an overly long introduction will find a really engaging presentation wrapped in a treasure hunt motif. You’ll need a fast connection and enough time for students to work through the entire site in order to make this one effective.

* Signs in Stitches and Song Grades 1 to 5 TeachersFirst

Signs in Stitches and Song is a multi-lesson, interdisciplinary unit about the Underground Railroad for primary students. Concentrating on the codes and signal systems by which escaping slaves found their way northward, the unit includes language arts, science, music, geography and math components. The various elements can be used individually, or in combination. There are extensive illustrations, printable handouts, optional Flash animations, and suggestions for further study.

*The Fifty States Grades 4 to 8 TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst’s states project for students combines the usual “almanac” facts with narratives on native people, early history, economy, and landforms and geography. The result is a one-stop site for upper elementary and middle school students studying their own states, or someone else’s. This project is more than “halfway” complete, and we are adding new states regularly.

2000 Census Data On-line Grades 1 to 12 US Government


50states.com Grades 4 to 8

This site offers metalists (most of the content isn’t theirs) for each state, including bios of presidents from that state, attractions, public records, and more. There’s much more than history items at this site, which may or may not be an advantage.

A History of New York City Grades 4 to 12

The New York City Historical Society offers this retrospective on the growth and development of New York City. First home to thousands of immigrants, the growth of New York was a mirror of American development in the 19th and 20th centuries. Great supplement to any study of American history during these time periods.

A Mohawk Iroquois Village Grades 4 to 8 New York State Museum

This online exhibit from the New York State Museum uses drawings, text, and illustrations to show how the Mohawk built villages and dwellings. There are also firsthand accounts, plans for a model longhouse, annotated illustrations, and examples of artifacts. This could be a useful site for study of Native American tribes and cultures.

A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust Grades 4 to 12

Links to Holocaust literature and reading list classified by elementary, middle and high school levels. Source: Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida

Abraham Lincoln Library Kids’ Page Grades 4 to 8 Abraham Lincoln Library

This page is a “first edition” from a newly created museum. It offers basic background on Lincoln’s life and family, along with a very brief biography. We look forward to future additions to this resource.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site Grades 4 to 12 Privately Published

This site was created by a retired history teacher who has collected a wide range of resources and information on Lincoln’s personal and political life. Lots of illustrations, appropriately written text, and guidance to other information and resources.

Abraham Lincoln: The Early Life of Our Sixteenth President Grades 1 to 3 Tammy Payton

This award-winning, web-based unit includes traditional classroom activities as well as web activities. Students may participate in a treasure hunt for information, take a quiz on what they have learned of Lincoln’s early life, or watch a web animation of Westward Expansion. Ms. Payton also provides web links for further information and a long list of choices for culminating activities.

African American History Timeline Grades 4 to 12 Western Michigan University

From Western Michigan University’s Department of Political Science. The site has a nice layout. Just pick a date/event from the timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement. Short, but a great starting point.

Teachers can give each student one of these events to research.

African American Inventors Grades 4 to 12

This section from a larger inventors’ site offers biographies and profiles of more than a dozen African Americans who made important contributions to science, engineering, space travel, and other areas. Teachers will find this one useful in showing the variety of accomplishments of African Americans, even in eras in which their rights were severely limited.

African History Museum Grades 4 to 12

This on-line “museum” offers short web presentations on black history topics such as slavery, the Tuskeegee Airmen, and Jackie Robinson. Pride in African heritage are a recurring theme in these presentations. Good starting point for student research on one of these topics.

Airline History Grades 4 to 12

Here’s an interesting, though oddly-constructed, history of commercial aviation in Britain and the U.S. The narrative is detailed and the photos are instructive, though users will find the site easier to use if they scan it first to see where everything lives. While some sections appear incomplete, interested upper elementary and middle school students will find this story just the ticket.

Alabama Grades 4 to 12

The state’s home page.

Alaska Grades 4 to 12

The state’s home page.

Alaska and the Yukon Grades 4 to 12 Quest Connect

Quest Connect’s exploration of Alaska – specifically for students – offers a well-written introduction to the history, native people, and present-day aspects of our northernmost state. There are plenty of photos, but they’re kept separate from the narrative so some prowling around is in order here.

There is also an accompanying set of lesson plans. If your students can’t catch the next flight to Anchorage, this might be the best alternative.

Alaska History Toolbox Grades 4 to 12 Kenai Peninsula School District

Created by a school district in Alaska, this page offers lots of links to Alaska resources. Pick the ones that are right for your students.

Alaska Touring with Cumberland Valley Grades 1 to 12 Cumberland Valley School District

Here’s an outstanding student-created site that is being built by a team of high school students who visited Alaska during the week of February 24, 2003. The site includes text, images, and video clips from the trip. The content, segmented by subject, was also mapped to the school district’s curriculum so that 1,200 students in Pennsylvania could take a virtual Alaska field trip. Teachers will want to review this one thoroughly because of its many possible uses. You’ll find everything from tsunami warnings to Native culture to reviews of reindeer sausage.


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