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A Complete History of France Grades 6 to 12 French Ministry of Culture

Here’s a chronicle of French history from the second century BC to the 20th Century. Information is presented in a clear, organized way. Excellent source for creating timelines.

All About French Culture Grades 6 to 12

This site lets French students read all about France, from its rich history, complete with timelines, to the traditions that are still alive today. You can even experience an outdoor café on a Paris street.

Bastille Day Grades 6 to 12 French Prime Minister’s site

Information on France’s National Holiday from the Prime Minister’s web site – in English.

Bastille Day – from the French Embassy Grades 6 to 12 French Embassy

Information on Bastille Day from the French Embassy

Batille Day – student treatment Grades 6 to 12

Information on Bastille Day

Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents Grades 1 to 12

A useful site for books, workshops and materials related to books in Spanish for children and young adults. Contains information from a number of sponsor-publishers as well as links to other sites.

Cheeses of France Grades 6 to 12

Did you know that there are over 400 varieties of cheese in France? Navigate this site with your students and discover the rich tradition that cheese has in the history of France. The webmaster will even give you suggestions for how to choose your cheese.

Deutschland Links Grades 4 to 12

Here’s one for the German lovers – a good-sized list of lessons and resources for students of German, compiled by the Pittsburgh public schools. Most of these are in German, so our reviewers didn’t have a lot to say. Given the general lack of good language resources on the web, this site could be most helpful.

El Sabor del Caribe/ A Taste of the Caribbean Grades 9 to 12 Yale University

Enhance the foreign language curriculum through the integration of geography, food, and literature as related to Spanish culture. Students analyze literature created by modern Latino authors who use foods as symbols for identity, patriotism, religion, and nostalgia. This series of lessons promotes understanding of the Creole culture as it exists on the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

European Literature – On-line Texts Grades 6 to 12 University of Virginia

The University of Virginia has compiled a meta-listing of sites offering on-line editions of European literature. This site could also open up a new resource for reading material that is otherwise unavailable.

Foreign language teachers may find this information useful, especially if print copies of foreign language literature are in short supply in your district.

Fonetiks Grades 6 to 12

Letters make different sounds in foreign languages, and this site helps language students sort it all out. There are dozens of sound samples from various languages – including English – as they are spoken in different nations. This is a great way to learn to pronounce foreign words and understand the differences among nations that “speak the same language.”

Francophone Resources Grades 4 to 12

This collection from the American Association of Teachers of French offers an elaborate listing of resources for teachers and students of French, grouped by type. The page itself is en Francçais, which may limit its utility for use by students.

French Grades 1 to 12


French Activites & Quizzes Grades 6 to 12

This is a nice collection of Java applets which provide a variety of practice and quiz material on French and French culture. The contents could be used throughout the year as you cover specific material. From Quia.

French Geography Grades 6 to 12 French Government

This site contains comprehensive information on the geography of France. Includes links to historical, political and social sites. Use this site to create a scavenger hunt for your students to learn the basics of France.

French Grammar Lessons Grades 9 to 12 University of Texas – Austin

This site provides complete exercises in French Grammar offered by the University of Texas at Austin. You or your students, can work independently on these exercises to learn basic grammar skills.

French History Grades 9 to 12 French Foreign Ministry

The French Foreign Ministry’s site offers a site which surveys the history of France from the Pre-revolutionary period through the present. C’est en Anglais as well as French, but it’s a nice tool to help give student a historical context for their study of French or French literature.

French/English as a Second Language Grades 4 to 12

Bilingualism is the rule in French Canada, source of this collection of exercises and information for students learning French as a second language (or vice versa). The content is grouped by experience level rather than grade, but is designed for students, not adults. This could be a useful reinforcement or independent study resource.

Gallica Classique Grades 9 to 12

This French site offers on-line full texts of a number of classic French Literary works, and more are being added regularly. C’est tout en Français, but we were able to find the literature listings with little trouble. If you’re searching for more reading material for your students, look no further.

German for Beginners Grades 6 to 12 University of Victoria, Canada

An introductory course from Victoria University, BC, Canada. Provides introductory lessons, German resources, and links to additional German sites. Most of the site is written in German.


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