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Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents Grades 1 to 12

A useful site for books, workshops and materials related to books in Spanish for children and young adults. Contains information from a number of sponsor-publishers as well as links to other sites.

Chinese Numbers and Words Grades 2 to 6 Ask Asia

Enrich a social studies or geography lesson on the land and people of China by learning to pronounce simple Chinese words. Designed by the Children’s Television Workshop, this tutorial contains large graphics, phonetic spellings, and audio files, so that correct pronunciations can be seen, heard and duplicated.

Deutschland Links Grades 4 to 12

Here’s one for the German lovers – a good-sized list of lessons and resources for students of German, compiled by the Pittsburgh public schools. Most of these are in German, so our reviewers didn’t have a lot to say. Given the general lack of good language resources on the web, this site could be most helpful.

Enchanted Learning Software’s homepage Grades 1 to 5

Kids level Dictionary that translate English words into; French, Spanish, German & Portuguese. Limited word list. Also has an Information section from the word list that is more like a mini Encyclopedia.

Francophone Resources Grades 4 to 12

This collection from the American Association of Teachers of French offers an elaborate listing of resources for teachers and students of French, grouped by type. The page itself is en Francçais, which may limit its utility for use by students.

French Grades 1 to 12


French/English as a Second Language Grades 4 to 12

Bilingualism is the rule in French Canada, source of this collection of exercises and information for students learning French as a second language (or vice versa). The content is grouped by experience level rather than grade, but is designed for students, not adults. This could be a useful reinforcement or independent study resource.

Language Links Grades 4 to 12 University of Wisconsin

This site offers links for 13 languages/cultures. Each group of sites is divided into 5 categories; Culture/History, Media, Literature/Language, Country, and Grab Bag. This site would be very appropriate for language teachers, students and those studying other cultures. Sites include many audio segments. This site was developed by Lauren Rosen of the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison.

Learning Languages Grades 1 to 12 Internet Scout Project

This well-organized, searchable site, created and maintained by the Internet Scout Project of the University of Wisconsin, contains a wealth of useful, interactive, and motivating resources for teachers, students and parents. Currently, the site focuses on French, Spanish, and Japanese, although German and Italian resources can be found by following links to many of the recommended sites. Content levels range from beginner to advanced. Links to interactive flash cards, quizzes, and games that strengthen vocabulary and language comprehension are among the high points of this site. Many of the resources provide independent practice, authentic exposure, and opportunities for cultural exploration. Becoming a member is free and enables the site to personalize your visit by preferred language. A new “Word of the Day” is a homepage feature, as are daily updates of the newest additions to the site.

Nanduti – Early Foreign Language Learning Grades 3 to 12

This site offers information, strategies, and resources for those who want to introduce foreign language instruction in elementary grades.

Paris Pages Grades 4 to 12

Large, colorful site presenting extensive information about Paris – in English and French versions.

REFORMA Grades 4 to 12 UCLA

This site is a resource for those interested in building Spanish resources in libraries and helping Hispanics discover and use libraries. Contains listings of Hispanic sources and information. Developed at UCLA.

Spanish Grades 1 to 12


Spanish Pronto Grades 4 to 12

Language students will appreciate this extensive site that amounts to a sort of “Cliff Notes” for the Spanish language. The site explains details of grammatical structure and usage, vocabulary, and reading practice. While it’s set up for reference, not instruction, there is plenty of help for the faltering Spanish student here.

The Eiffel Tower Site Grades 4 to 12

C’est Magnifique! Take a cutaway look at all that goes on inside the most famous landmark in Paris. There’s also lots of information on the tower itself, and a panoramic view from the top. Might be a nice way to introduce French geography and culture.

The Human Languages Page Grades 4 to 12

Extensive links to cultural and printed information on scores of languages. Suitable for use as supplementary enrichment for reading foreign languages.


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