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* TeachersFirst: Shakespeare’s Plays Grades 7 to 12 TeachersFirst

Here’s our own collection of resources for teaching the Bard’s plays. In addition to the standard lesson and text listings, you’ll find interactive quizzes, sites on Elizabethan England, even a Shakesperian feast. If you’re working with Shakespeare’s plays, start here.

* TeachersFirst: The Hamlet Quizzes Grades 9 to 12 TeachersFirst

This is a collection of interactive quizzes on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Designed for use as a review tool, the collection includes character quizzes and scene-by-scene reviews of key elements of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. The collection can be used in class or independently.

* TeachersFirst: The Highwayman Grades 7 to 12 TeachersFirst

This online edition of Alfred Noyes’ poem introduces students to both the text and the poetic devices and vocabulary in the poem. The unit can serve as an independent study tool or a review for those who need a refresher on poetic devices.

100 Best Books Grades 1 to 12 TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst offers a listing of 100 of the best books for children, along with links to TeachersFirst’s content about some of those books.

Great starting point for reluctant readers.

1996 update Grades 7 to 12 Amer. Library Assoc.

Brief reviews from Booklist Magazine of 1996 Editor’s choice books. A useful site for teenagers looking for reading material! The list is not terribly lengthy and the reviews are concise.

1997 update Grades 7 to 12 Amer. Library Assoc.

Brief reviews from Booklist Magazine of 1997 Editor’s choice books. A useful site for teenagers looking for reading material! The list is not terribly lengthy and the reviews are concise.

221B Baker Street – Sherlock Holmes Grades 6 to 12 Privately Published

Here’s a venerable site with a new address and facelift. You’ll find the texts for dozens of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes stories, as well as background information and assorted Holmes trivia.

Turn the mystery lovers in your class loose on this one.

400 Years Ago Today Grades 1 to 12

While not strictly Shakespeare, this site helps students understand what was going on in the world in Shakespeare’s day. The items included cover a wide range of topics.

A Compendium of Common Knowledge Grades 9 to 12

Here’s a site with more information than you’ll ever need on the details and intricacies of Elizabethan life. Some of the content is scholarly; other elements are less so. Highly useful nonetheless.

A Guide to A Midsummer Night’s Dream Grades 9 to 12

from Amy Ulen’s Surfing with the Bard. Text, teaching ideas, and study materials.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Grades 9 to 12 Mass. Instit. Technol.

The complete text, from the archive at M.I.T.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Grades 9 to 12

The word-for-word text of the folio edition, courtesy of the University of Victoria, Canada.

A Separate Peace – Lesson links Grades 8 to 12 Clyde Savannah High School

Mr. Delf, a teacher of High School English, has put together a set of links for students reading A Separate Peace. The links include a brief biography of the author, the setting of the novel, and various links to the World War II time period. Teachers will find the WWII links especially helpful for researching the historical context of the novel.

A Separate Peace – Classroom ideas Grades 9 to 12 McDougal Littell

Teacher’s Language Arts Novel Guides offers a set of lessons for students reading John Knowles novel focusing on the central issues of the story; rivalry, trust and impulse. There are several topics for discussion including a Theme Opener dealing with competition in the school environment; students are asked to relate their own school experiences. Cross Curricular Activities explore peer pressure at school, normal student responses and healthy competition. Students are also asked to research life at boarding school, and to further investigate ‘coming of age’ during wartime.

A Separate Peace – Classroom Resource Grades 8 to 12 Phillips Exeter Academy

The Phillips Exeter Academy has put together a rich resource for teachers and students studying Exeter alumnus John Knowles’ book about a youth in boarding school. The site has an essay by Knowles, photos of the campus, school newspaper articles related to the book, movie critiques, and a bibliography of the author’s work. Teachers will find this a useful site for expanding students’ awareness of the atmosphere in which this dramatic story unfolds.

A Separate Peace – Study Guide Grades 9 to 12 Bellmore-Merrick Central High School

Here’s a site that presents concise standard information about the novel A Separate Peace. The site includes Setting, Background, Character descriptions, Plot Summary, key issues and moral implications. Users can grasp the main concepts discussed in the novel and gain some thoughtful insight into character development.

Teachers will find this a good place to send readers who have trouble understanding the subtleties of the John Knowles book and need a study guide.

A Separate Peace WebQuest Grades 9 to 12 Mooney’s Madness

WebQuest lessons are hard to find, and this one is geared towards high school students who are computer savvy. The assignments will keep students interested and involved in their learning. An evaluation in rubic form is included to make this an easy site for teachers to implement in the study of John Knowles novel.

A Separate peace: A WebQuest Grades 9 to 12 Florida State University

Florida State University offers a WebQuest site that assigns students the task of creating a time capsule for Gene, the main character in John Knowles novel. Students are to create a webpage that includes the culture, history, and personal surrounding to help Gene remember his time at prep school. A vast list of resource sites and ideas are presented for the student as well as project grading requirements. Teachers will be able to direct students to a quest that will lead them to a very special time in our history.

A Walking Tour of Juliet’s Verona Grades 9 to 12

Brief narrative and pictures of the city.

A&E; Online Mystery Database Grades 9 to 12 A&E; cable

Find your favorite mystery writer, character, novel, TV show or movie here. A good resource at this site!

Teachers note: sometimes a good Whodunit can convince reluctant readers to turn those pages.


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