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Acids and Bases Grades 1 to 12 Miami Science Museum


Amino-Acids Grades 9 to 12

Outlines each amino acid including its abbreviation and structural compound. (in German)

An interactive periodic table Grades 9 to 12 Mass. Instit. Technol.

MIT’s contribution to the numerous on-line periodic tables.

An Interactive Periodic Table Grades 6 to 12

Created at Los Alamos National Laboratory, this site offers a colorful periodic table with detailed scientific information on each element, along with notes on the uses of many of the elements listed. The result is far more engaging that one might initially believe.

BioChemLinks Grades 8 to 12

This site covers news of the week in areas related to Biology and Chemistry. Site includes articles in an easy to read newspaper format. Print and discuss current research findings in class.

Biology4Kids Grades 6 to 12

This site offers an introduction to three areas of bioology: cells, chemistry, and ecology, along with a set of study materials. Though the concepts are “real science,” the language is approachable and interesting enough to keep students engaged. This site is well worth a look for use as either a self-study or a resource to accompany an introduction to biology. Part of the Kapili.com collection.

Chem4kids Grades 6 to 12

Contains six sections ranging from Matter, to Math in Chemistry, and Chemical Reactions. Information on each topic is presented clearly. Hyperlinks are included to assist students in understanding terms.

ChemCenter Grades 6 to 12

This site focuses on chemical-related sciences. It is geared to chemical professionals in industry, and professionals in both education and government. Click on “Education” then scroll down to “K-12” for classroom resources divided into “K-8” and “High School Chemistry”.

Chemical Backgrounders Grades 6 to 12 National Safety Council

This site offers descriptive, usage, and safety information for scores of chemicals. Chemistry and science teachers may find this information useful in establishing safety or usage guidelines for specific chemicals used in laboratories or other activities.

Chemistry – MIT Open Courseware Grades 9 to 12 Massachusetts Institute of Technology


High school chemistry teachers, especially those teaching AP students, may find MIT�s online course materials useful. MIT has committed to putting its entire curriculum on the web, and these early offerings include syllabi, reading materials, and a variety of subject-specific class notes. Before using these pages, teachers, students, and parents should all be aware of what Open Courseware is and is not.

Chemistry Functions – Periodic Table Grades 9 to 12

This page – part of a larger chemistry site at Stanford University – offers a concise, Java-enhanced periodic table which allows users to click an element and learn pertinent facts about that element. There are also links to related chemistry functions such as balancing chemical equations, etc.

Chemistry Illustrations Grades 9 to 12 Sam Houston University

This sizable collection of animations for undergraduate chemistry includes Quicktime, Shockwave, and animate GIF images. The utility of these for secondary classrooms will depend on your local curriculum, but the collection is extensive enough that it�s worth a look if you�re trying to find an illustration for a concept or principle.

Chemistry Teaching Resources Grades 9 to 12

This site from Sweden’s Ume� University lists chemistry teaching resources. Resources include courses, curriculum material, demonstrations and experiments, science links, history, newsgroups, and software.

ChemmyBear Grades 9 to 12

Created by an AP Chemistry teacher, this page offers a sort of tool kit for chemistry teachers. The offerings include animated molecules, sample experiments, and even a bit of humor. The site also includes several resources designed specifically for students preparing for the chemistry AP exams.

Curiosities Related to Analytical Chemistry Grades 9 to 12

This site provides unusual and somewhat offbeat sites that would be great for class discussions.

Double Helix Experiments Grades 6 to 12

This Australian site offers a collection of quality science experiments, some fairly simple, others more complex, all clearly presented. The activities include explanations of scientific principles and are grouped by subject matter. A great site for sparking a student�s interest in the world of science.

Experiencing Chemistry Grades 6 to 12 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Chemistry is a lot less daunting when explained with real world examples. This site from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry offers just this sort of lesson activities drawn from more than a dozen different areas familiar to students. Entire lessons for some activities are available online. There are summary descriptions for the others.

General Chemistry Online Grades 10 to 12

This is a newly-updated version of an introductory guide and procedures manual for an entry-level college chemistry course. It could also serve as a useful reference for students at the high school level. There are study guides, lessons, lab examples, and a variety of other useful resources.

Hyperactive Molecules Grades 9 to 12

This site uses a molecular “visualizer” to show data taken from crystallographic databases, spectroscopic techniques, and quantum chemistry calculations. The site is divided into sections. Scroll down and begin by clicking on one of the thumbnail sketches.

NIST Chemistry WebBook Grades 9 to 12

This site provides thermo-chemical, thermo-physical, and ion energetics data in a searchable format. Also included are datasets on ” Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems.”


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