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Art Education & ArtEdventures Grades 1 to 8

There are lots of resources at this site from the Sanford art supply people. There’s a nice mixture of lesson ideas – many, many perspective lessons – as well as information for teachers and “just fun” ideas for students and parents.

This site would be particularly helpful for regular classroom teachers who don’t have an art instruction background.

@rtRoom Grades 2 to 8

This is a nicely constructed collection of art and art appreciation activities. Well illustrated ideas and concepts could be used in a variety of settings and grade levels. If you’re looking for art projects, there are dozens of ideas here.

A Victorian Christmas Grades 4 to 8 TeachersFirst

This unit introduces Victorian Christmas customs and offers several activities which students can complete to show their understanding of Christmas celebrations a century ago.

Alexander Calder – An Exhibition from the National Gallery of Art Grades 4 to 12 National Gallery of Art

Take an interactive tour through the National Gallery’s Calder exhibit. You can click on a sculpture or painting to see details about that work. Use your mouse to pan around the rooms and move from point to point. Requires the Live Picture viewer plug-in, which is available from the TeachersFirst Toolbox.

An Uncommon Mission Grades 4 to 12 PacBell

Art and History teachers will appreciate this site devoted to unique artistic interpretations of California’s many missions. Those in California may wish to add this one to the list of resources for California history. The site would also work well as a sample of one artist’s conception of reality, since there are many other mission sites to use as comparisons.

Ancient Egypt Lesson Plans Grades 4 to 12 Detroit Institute of Art

From the Detroit Institute of Art comes this nicely illustrated collection of teacher-created lesson plans about ancient Egypt. Suitable for a wide range of grades, these lessons encompass both art and ancient history. The materials lists vary considerably, so assess your resources before assigning these.

Animation History – Learn to be Wild Grades 4 to 12 British Film Institute

The British Film Institute offers this site which details the evolution of animation from its crude beginnings in the late 19th century to today’s sophisticated computer simulations. The site treats animation as an art form, and provides a number of examples of how animation trends mirror those elsewhere in the art world. This site puts an interesting spin on a topic with which most students are already familiar.

Art Education Resources Grades 1 to 6 Crayola

Appropriate for teachers and parents of children all ages. This Crayola site has a wealth of information for parents, teachers and students. The areas included are; techniques, lessons (for parents and teachers), dream makers, products, forums, and contests. The “Dream Maker” program is a year long theme program for grades k-6. There is a nominal charge for the teacher’s guide. An excellent site! This site is maintained by the Crayola Company.

Art for Kids Grades 1 to 5

This is a great site with numerous resources, including specific lessons ranging from Norman Rockwell to Japanese Art and has electronic activities like An Artist Word Search! The site also has many related links.

Art Images for Instruction Grades 1 to 12

This is an elegantly-presented collection of royalty-free art images which are copyright-free when used for instructional purposes. The site is broadly divided into time periods, and there are thumbnails for each image. Clicking on a thumbnail will bring up the image in several size options. Wonderful resource for art history or lessons dealing with comparative art styles.

Art Lesson Plans Grades 1 to 6

A collection of lesson plans from the Incredible Art Department.

Art of Egypt Webquest Grades 4 to 6 Privately Published

This webquest has two main parts. First, students will take an online museum tour of ancient Egypt. They will choose one picture and use a search engine to find out more information on it. Next, they will research and discuss possible causes of the death of Tutankhamen. The mummification process is also covered on this site.

Art Safari Grades 4 to 8

This site from New York’s Museum of Modern Art uses animals as an introduction to art appreciation. Students can view a selection of different art works, make their own observations about what the artist is showing, and learn about the role of art in cultural expression. The site can be used successfully at several different levels.

Art Takes Time Grades 1 to 8 Privately Published

The title isn’t very descriptive, but this site, created by an art teacher, provides a nice collection of art projects and lessons, each of which is centered around a particular period in art history. The themes run from early cave paintings up through the twentieth century. The artwork in each section serves to reinforce the material presented. Privately produced. 

Definitely worth a look for teachers who are trying to tie hands-on activities to art history.

Art Teacher on the Net Grades 1 to 13

This award winning site contains a wealth of information for art teachers, scout leaders, and parents. There are project ideas, links, and advice. The Art of Many Lands section includes projects from around the world (some written in French!) A great resource!

Art Teacher on the Net Grades 1 to 12 Privately Published

Privately published site with many university ties, but is not university sponsored. The target is K-12, with more information for the younger grades. This site contains specific art projects with detailed listing of needed supplies, including some cross-curriculum ideas. It also contains listing of some services that are available at a small price. Has lots of ideas!

Artist’s Toolkit Grades 4 to 12 Minneapolis Institute of the Arts

This is a great on-line introduction to the basic elements of art: line, shape, movement, color, and space. The flash-enhanced presentation lets users experiment with these elements to see how artists create their works… and then try their own hand at it. There are scores of possible uses for this one.

ArtsEdge Grades 1 to 12 Kennedy Center

The Kennedy Center presents an excellent set of indexed links by interest area, including materials for integrating the performing arts and music into other curriculum areas. You can download the Cuesheets created for students to introduce them to the many fine programs offered through the Kennedy Center, but these Cuesheets could also be used for study of a play or musician just within your classroom. The Curriculum Studio section of the site includes many lesson plans and units (including handouts!) ready for teacher use in all subject areas, such as Math and Miro. Teachers are also invited to share materials they have created. For students, there are a student sharing area, resources for student research, and SAFE links for student research. You will return here often!

ArtsEdNet Grades 1 to 12 Getty Education Institute

This site provides lesson plans and curriculum ideas segmented into elementary, middle school, and high school levels, including ideas for integration into regular curriculum. The site also has image galleries and understandable links within the site to make it usable for all.

Artsonia Grades 4 to 12

Artsonia is an online community to facilitate sharing of art instruction ideas and student artwork. Several of the site’s features require registration, but there’s much to see and do in the openly available areas as well. This one’s worth a peek if you’re interested in seeing what other students and teachers are doing.


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