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Academic Freedom and the Social Studies Teacher Grades 6 to 12 National Council of Social Studies

While intended primarily for higher education, this long article on academic freedom and social studies will resonate with secondary teachers who may be in a quandary over how to present controversial international events. This discussion at the national level may be useful in guiding controversies at the local level.

Access Excellence – Mentoring for Teachers Grades 1 to 12

A program from Genentech which helps high school biology and life science teachers find mentors and allows interested teachers to become mentors.

Active Learning Practices for Schools Grades 1 to 12 Harvard University

This site from the Harvard Graduate School of Education offers teachers strategies for developing instructional modules which let students learn by experiencing. These aren’t traditional lesson plans; instead they demonstrate a new way of linking topics and developing instructional sequences. Easily navigated, with content for all grade levels.

Alabama Department of Education Grades 1 to 12

Home page for the state’s department of education

ALAN: The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents Grades 1 to 12

This site is by a special interest group of the National Council of Teachers of English. It is a scholarly journal dealing with Adolescent Literature (YA). Included are critiques, articles and links to YA Literature on the Internet. “The journal contains articles on YA literature and its teaching, interviews with authors, reports on publishing trends, current research on YA literature, a section of reviews of new books, and ALAN membership news.”

Alaska Department of Education Grades 1 to 12

Home page for the state’s department of education

American Visions Grades 1 to 12

American Visions provides a selection of educational resources which focus on black history and the American black experience.

Analyzing Information Sources Grades 9 to 12 Cornell University

Cornell University’s guide to evaluating online information sources would be a great primer for teachers who are not proficient web searchers. High school students will also find this site a useful way of separating the reliable research sources from those less trustworthy.

Appropriate and Effective Use of Security Technologies in U.S. Schools Grades 1 to 12 US Department of Justice

This report, released by the Department of Justice in September, 1999, is a guide to help school administrators and their colleagues in law enforcement analyze a school’s vulnerability to violence, theft, and vandalism, and research possible technologies to effectively address these problems. This report is based on a 7-year study of more than 100 schools and offers practical guidance on several aspects of security, including security concepts and operational issues, video surveillance, weapons detection devices, entry controls, and duress alarms. The report is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Are Our Schools Safe? Grades 1 to 12 CNN

Web site from CNN’s special coverage section outlining reactions to several incidents involving school violence. While created for the general public, the site includes insights and reactions from teachers. Professional use only.

Arizona Department of Education Grades 1 to 12

Home page for the state’s department of education

Arkansas Department of Education Grades 1 to 12

Home page for the state’s department of education

Assistive Technology in Schools Grades 1 to 12 WestEd

This site offers a broad collection of ideas, resources, and best practice discussions regarding the uses of assistive technology in schools. While the precise applicability of these resources will depend on local circumstances and student populations, this site could be a live-saver for teachers suddenly faced with a special education technology need.

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development – ASCD Grades 1 to 12

ASCD provides curriculum development resources for a variety of disciplines.ASCD provides professional development in curriculum and supervision; initiates and supports activities to provide educational equity for all students; and serves as a world-class leader in education information services.

BBN Learning Systems Grades 1 to 12

This commercial service provides a variety of educational services, scientific simulations, and other internet-based offerings for teacher and classroom use.

Beat the Clock Grades 1 to 12

Bullying Online Grades 1 to 12

This British site offers a very complete resource, and its foreign origin may offer a slightly different spin from that encountered on American sites. Teachers and parents alike should find the content useful, and there is a deep well of content submitted by students. American users should note that both the legal situation and the school rules in Britain can differ from that in the US in some significant respects.

California Department of Education Grades 1 to 12

Home page for the state’s department of education

California Education Standards Grades 1 to 12

California Education Standards are the focus of this undated listing of standards resources for the Golden State.

Character Education Curriculum Resources Grades 1 to 12 Boston University

The Center for Character Education at Boston University has created a character education site that is both successful and apolitical. This page offers a reading list, information on the Six E’s of character education, and a large collection of lesson plans and ideas that integrate character education with other subject areas.

Teachers will want to explore the lesson themes in detail; each introduces many possibilities.


Records 1 to 20 of 163

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