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About Character Education Grades 1 to 12 Boston University

The Center for Character Education at Boston University has created a character education site that is both successful and apolitical. This page offers an introduction to what character education is and is not, along with resources for further exploration. Parents and teacher alike will find the information useful as a guideline for integrating character education into other curricula and activities.

Administrative Support Occupations, Including Clerical Grades 9 to 12 US Government

Specific career information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For each job, users can find a description of the type of work, the training (formal and informal) required, the average wages, and the outlook for employment in that job over the next few years. These guides are dense reading, but they contain a wealth of information.

All About Eating Disorders Grades 1 to 12

This content is part of the larger Mental Health Net site. It offers detailed explanations of the origins, management, and treatment of eating disorders. The content is written at the professional level and is decidedly not for student use. This information could be useful for school guidance counselors, nurses, or teachers who suspect an eating disorder in one of their students.

All About Suicide Grades 1 to 12

This site from Mental Health Net offers basic information on suicide in adults and young people, along with a long list of resources for help and guidance. Mental Health Net also maintains an on-line listing of treatment centers.

American Indian Suicide Prevention site Grades 1 to 12

Are You There God? Grades 4 to 6 KidReach

Here’s a site that can help teachers and students begin a dialogue about puberty. Users will find online questions about the book’s storyline, as well as online questions designed for students to respond in paragraph form. The site asks the user to log on for a response from KidReach to answered questions. The puberty related questions and those regarding reading comprehension strategies can be used by teachers to promote student self awareness.

Be an Architect! Grades 4 to 8 Sanford

This site challenges students to use reasoning and decision-making skills. Kids will get creative as they follow a step-by-step process toward designing their own home. Combines concepts from social studies, geography, and art while fostering creativity. This is a detailed and well-planned site. Suitable for a wide range of ages.

Betraying the College Dream Grades 9 to 12 Stanford University

Stanford University’s Bridge Project has examined the disconnect between K-12 and college education systems to learn why many students fail to make the transition from high school to college successfully.

Bilingual Health Information Grades 1 to 12

The information on this site was originally developed for limited literacy Spanish and English speaking patients. It offers basic health, nutrition, and lifestyles information in a context which may be suitable for either students or parents in certain specific settings. Lots of illustrations and minimal use of text help make these resources easy to use.

Book of Virtues – Show Clips Grades 4 to 12 PBS

Here’s a page that offers selected vignettes from the PBS series The Book of Virtues. Each clip sets out a situation or problem and asks the viewer to decide what reaction or behavior is most virtuous in that instance.

These would make good discussion starters for an appropriate class.

Business Etiquette Grades 9 to 12

Students who are investigating career possibilities would do well to review this collection of workplace etiquette sites to see what “the real word” expects in the workplace. There are examples from a variety of work and professional settings, and the information could be especially helpful to students who have little or no exposure to particular careers.

Career Paths Grades 9 to 12

This site offers resources for determining the types of jobs in which a student might be interested, explanations of specific jobs (some links are outdated) and a list of sites to assist in applying for jobs and interviewing. The sections on self-assessment are particularly interesting.

Career Planning Collection Grades 9 to 12

This page from the Southeast Michigan Math/Science Learning Consortium offers a structured list of resources to help students and counselors evaluate students’ career interests and opportunities. Links include personality and aptitude assessments, as well as a wide range of career-specific listings.

Careers for Writers Grades 9 to 12

Careers in Accounting Grades 9 to 12

Where can you go with a degree in Accounting? This site summarizes information available in a comprehensive book to help prospective accountants learn about opportunities and define career goals. Clearly shows the importance of education and hard work to success in this field.

Careers in Botany Grades 9 to 12

Intrigued by the beauty and wonder of flowers and plants? Botany could be the career for you. Explore the variety of areas of specialization, job opportunities, salaries, and the job outlook for botanists. Find out what you need to do to prepare yourself for a career in botany.

Careers in Cereal Chemistry Grades 9 to 12

Chemistry to making cereal? Absolutely! The American Association of Cereal Chemists designed this site to promote the diversified career options for people interested in science. Learn about the science involved in producing Includes information on job opportunities and educational requirements.

Careers in Statistics Grades 9 to 12

Careers in the Air Force Grades 9 to 12

Ever thought about being a special agent in the military? Learn the secret to what it takes to succeed in these federal careers. Includes information for both civilian and enlisted careers.

Careers Online: The Job Seekers Workshop Grades 9 to 12

Starting with the interview, this hands-on Australian website takes you through the job search process leading up to the decision making process of choosing a job. This site is a great resource for students looking ahead at possible fields of study and career possibilities.


Records 1 to 20 of 118

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