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AIDS Education in School Grades 6 to 12

A well-documented summary of the HIV/AIDS education strategies and approaches that have worked most effectively in western schools. The sources cited could provide additional reference material.

AIDS Education Lesson Plans Grades 6 to 12

Two sample lesson plans from this British site demonstrate strategies that can make young people more receptive to open, nonjudgmental discussion of the issues surrounding HIV prevention.

AIDS FAQ Grades 6 to 12 Centers for Disease Control

CDC’s collection of frequently-asked questions about HIV/AIDS, including questions on general information, hoaxes and rumors, testing, transmission, and prevention. Generally, these pages provide detailed, factual answers for each question.

AIDS in Africa Grades 6 to 12

A British site summarizes the extent and implications of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in African countries.

Comprehensive Prevention Strategies Grades 6 to 12 Centers for Disease Control

This CDC Update report summarizes the results of a number of studies on the effectiveness of comprehensive strategies in influencing or changing behavior of young people in areas involving possible HIV/AIDS exposure. It highlights strategies that have proven most effective.

HIV/AIDS Among America’s Youth Grades 6 to 12 Centers for Disease Control

The Centers for Disease Control provides basic statistical information on HIV/AIDS incidence (and the lack of decline in new infections in this age group). This page also provides a listing of the types of outreach and educational efforts that have been proven most effective in teaching about HIV/AIDS and preventing behaviors that increase the risk of infection.

HIV/AIDS Information for Young People Grades 9 to 12

From The Body (an HIV information resource) this page is a collection of links to articles, publications, and a wide range of other information about HIV/AIDS education issues. The range of topics is extremely broad.

KFF – World AIDS Day Grades 9 to 12 Kaiser Family Foundation

The Kaiser Family Foundation prepared this guide to AIDS events and resources, with a particular emphasis on information recognizing the global AIDS epidemic and the efforts that will be required to combat further AIDS spread in Asia and Africa. Thoughtful students will find much to ponder here.

Peer Education Efforts Grades 6 to 12

A collection of short summaries about peer education efforts in a variety of communities in different states. Many of the summaries include links or information for those interested in additional details.

Staying Alive Grades 6 to 12

Here’s the personal side of AIDS, told from an international perspective in an MTV-style presentation that should hold the attention of teens and other students. Combining facts with personalities, the site offers facts, opportunities for action, and examples of other teens’ experiences. Share this one with your students; it’s available in several languages.


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