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Education Standards Resources

Updated: June 14, 2001

Standards are a very popular, sometimes misunderstood subject. The resources on this page will help users learn more about what standards can and cannot do, and how they should ideally be developed and applied. We also provide links to existing national, regional, and state standards which have been made available on the web.

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Developing Educational Standards – The folks at the Putnam Valley Schools have prepared an unusually thorough metasite dealing with educational standards. There are listings by subject area and state, along with a large collection of links to study groups, interest organizations, and other entities which are active in the area of educational standards. This site is a great first stop in your standards search.

Eight Questions You Should Ask About Standards – Published by the Mid-Continent Regional Education Laboratory, a.k.a. McREL, this short article outlines some key questions which teachers and administrators should ask before developing any standards-based educational program. It’s an excellent starting point for an exploration of this topic.

California Education Standards are the focus of this undated listing of standards resources for the Golden State.

Los Angeles County’s Office of Education has compiled a list of national education organizations that promulgate standards in their disciplines. It’s an easy way to find sources for subject-based and other professional standards organizations.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards – This is the web site for the organization which has advocated "board certification" as a national standard for teaching professionals. It contains a wealth of information and resources on the certification process.

NCTE and International Reading Association Standards for the English Language – Teachers – The National Council of Teachers of English and the International Reading Association provide a list of 12 standards that offer guidance and resources to help students develop the language skills they need. Also included is a section entitled "Achieving High English Language Arts Standard: A Call to Join the Literacy Compact."

NCTM’s Math Standards – The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics offers a newly redesigned home page for their various standards-related activities and publications. Many of these are available as ready-to-print Adobe Acrobat files.

National Science Education Standards – The table of contents for the national science education standards provides a starting point for science educators interested in standards-based approaches.

Content Knowledge Standards and Benchmarks – McREL’s standards and benchmarks database is an extensive collection of standards and their applications throughout the K-12 curriculum. It’s a very useful meta-guide for comparing standards both across and within individual disciplines.

Standards-Based Science Articles: for middle school or for high school – The WhyFiles project at the University of Wisconsin has created two sets of articles, sorted by standards. Like all WhyFiles materials, these articles explain the serious science behind everyday questions using plain English. The result is a refreshing, interesting, and useful teaching resource.

Virginia Education Standards – This is a plain text version of Virginia’s standards, circa 1995.


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