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Special Education: Reference Resources

AbleData – AbleData is a federally funded data base containing more than 15,000 products and services to assist persons with various physical disabilities. Listings include everything from products to assist with simple daily living activities to those designed to provide specific therapeutic assistance. A great resource for practical solutions.

Americans with Disabilities Act Home Page – This site from the U.S. Department of Justice offers a wide range of information on ADA regulations and compliance. There are special guides for towns and other organizations (but not schools) as well as lots of Q&A and other information resources.

Grateful Med – Grateful Med is the National Library of Medicine’s on-line search service, providing abstracts of hundreds of thousands of clinical articles on almost as many topics. Intended for health care professionals, this information may be useful to nurses and counselors as well as special education staffs.

Mental Health Glossary – More than a glossary, this site offers fairly detailed explanations of hundreds of mental health terms. The list includes content for both professional and lay audiences. The indexing is simple, and you’ll need to browse, but there is a lot of content here.

Microsoft: Adapting Software for People with Cognitive or Language Impairments – This Microsoft site provides instructions on how to adapt Microsoft operating systems, browsers, and MS Office software for use by persons which cognitive/language impairments. There are a variety of adaptations which can be made to these products, depending on individual needs and capabilities.

PubMed – PubMed is an on-line search service from the National Library of Medicine. Geared to an audience of professionals and the public, it offers abstracts of clinical articles on thousands of topics. This service is not for the casual user and requires lots of knowledge of a topic before beginning a search. Still, it represents a definitive source for current research information.


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