pzl-pcs.gif (2364 bytes)Webquest 101 – Putting Discovery into the Curriculum

This tutorial introduces you to Webquests – an internet activity which lets you create something useful for your students while increasing your web "comfort level" at the same time. A well-designed webquest lets you turn your students loose on the web for a specific project and get results that both you and your students will like.

Note: The examples for this tutorial will open in a new browser window. When you have finished with each example, close the example window or use the window selection buttons at the bottom of your screen to return to the tutorial.

You don’t need to know a lot to use this tutorial.
  • You should be able to turn a computer on and off, and you should know how to get on to the Internet, either from school or at home.
  • You should also be able to use a web browser and understand how to use the buttons, bookmarks, etc. If these skills need refreshing, study the resources found atTeachersFirst’s Learning the Web.
  • You should know what a URL is, but we’ll give you more details on how to decipher URLs. If you need a basic introduction to URLs, click here.


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