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Multicultural Resources

This page lists resources from a variety of disciplines that are suitable for use in multicultural settings. While some of these resources are listed under TeachersFirst’s academic headings, we have grouped them here for added convenience in finding multicultural information and lessons. This page also contains a number of sites specifically dedicated to multicultural resources and teaching strategies.

Multicultural Resources PagesTeachers– This apparently new site from the School of Education at the University of Virginia offers discussions of multicultural education strategies as well as listings of stories, songs, art sites, and other resources built on multicultural themes. At present, some sections are sparsely populated, but there is a clear intent to build this site into a comprehensive resource. If you are just beginning your search, it’s well worth a visit.

African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning This site is maintained by the University of Virginia and is appropriate for high school and AP classes. It shows unique exhibits with explanations of the pieces shown. The explanations are clear sand would be helpful to even the ‘not so introspective’ student. A teacher could quickly and easily retrieve African American art examples from this site which could be incorporated in Social Science, Art or History classes. Especially useful in multicultural studies.

Doucette Library of Teaching ResourcesGrade K-8 Source: University of Calgary – Extensive collection of literary lists, award winners, curriculum supplements and support resources for children’s literature. It provides professional support on multiculturalism, current educational trends and interdisciplinary education, and literature based learning. Also educational research is available in a thesis collection of research by masters and doctoral candidates.

4DIRECTIONS An Indigenous Model of Education4Directions is a project which focuses on integrating Native American culture and technology into education in a way that enables students to maintain and learn their heritage while taking full advantage of their future. The 4Directions consortia is achieving this through: building on local cultures and values; collaborating using Internet activities across sites through on-site training, on-line tutoring, and cooperative teaming; creating networked "virtual communities" with Internet. Encouraging life-long learning by extending Internet access. They practice maintaining and extending a network database of teaching, assessment, professional development, and student created resources. Nice graphics, very easy to use and understand.

Kids Web JapanGrades 3 and up. – This site is available in 7 languages! This is an excellent site to learn the culture and history of Japan. Topics included are; regions, climate, politics/government, schools, industry, history, folklore, etc. There is a wealth of information and is presented in an interesting and appropriate manner. There is even a Language Lab and a Japanese cookbook. Great for multicultural studies! This site is sponsored by JTN (Japan)

Lincoln, Douglass, and Black Emergence (Literature and Politics, 1840-1865) by Michael S. Guzzio, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute – Language Arts/Social Studies – Grades 7-8 – This multicultural unit combining elements of political history, American literature, and film emphasizes reading and writing skills. Through analysis of writings by Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, students discover the "relationship of Black and Whites from the late slavery period to the Civil War." A critical look at the movie "Glory" brings the unit to a close.

Multicultural Book Reviews – Teachers – This site offers arich resource for K-12 educators: short reviews and ratings of multicultural literary selections. Book subjects are categorized according to ethnic groups.

Multicultural Math GamesGrades 8-12 – This is a collection of mathematical games from various cultures. They include deceptively simple games as well as those which require more complex mathematical skills. All are suitable for student use, but teachers will want to preview the options to be sure they fit into the curriculum. Site created by a student at Germantown Academy outside Philadelphia.

Multicultural PassportGrades K-12 – The school district in Jefferson County, Colorado has created a starting point for teachers interested in multicultural topics. This page is useful more for its breadth of approach than the depth of its content. The headings alone may be enough to inspire some interesting teaching approaches. This one’s a great starting point.

Mosaic America on Film: Fact Versus Fiction by Ida Hickerson, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute – Multicultural History, Social Studies – Grades 6-8 – Use American films and fictional/non-fictional literature to increase student awareness of the values and struggles experienced by minorities and ethnic groups throughout the United States. Students will be exposed to a variety of ethnic groups and historical events as they investigate fact and fiction in American film. This unit builds greater awareness and understanding of diverse cultural groups.

Multicultural Issues and the Law: Gender and Race Based Schooling by Sequella H.Coleman, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute – U.S. History-Bill of Rights – Grades 6-8, 9-12 – This unit uses five legal cases to probe issues of gender and race-based schooling and their relationship to the fourteenth amendment.

Multiculturalism Through African Folk Tales And Mayan Myths by Rebecca Brown, Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute – Language Arts: Grades 7-8 – By studying the folktales and myths of Africa and the Mayas, students understand the nature of myth and the variety of culture.

Multicultural Music – Dr. Eric Charry’s Home Page (Professor, Wesleyan University) Music(multicultural): all grades, Music History: Grades 9-12 – Dr. Charry’s scholarly interest in non-Western music provides sound files and research information on African Music and links to Ethnomusicology resources on the Web.

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