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Mentoring Resources

Programs for Teachers

Hewlett-Packard E-mail Mentoring Program – This is a coordinated program for teachers and students, using HP staff as mentors. The program operates seasonally, and teachers are required to register before involving their students.

Access Excellence – Mentoring for Teachers – A program from Genentech which helps high school biology and life science teachers find mentors and allows interested teachers to become mentors.

Mentoring for School-based Teacher Education – This Australian university paper discusses the uses of classroom teachers as experienced mentors for education students in Australian schools of education. Downloadable paper in MS Word format.

Mentoring for Teachers – An on-line text from the University of California at Irvine outlining the history, rationale, and guidelines for mentoring teaching professionals. The content includes many reasons why mentoring can be rewarding, whether you’re looking for a mentor or willing to become one.

National Staff Development Council – The library section of this site offers a collection of short articles on mentoring and staff development issues. These can be useful for specific ideas, but they are limited in both scope and quantity. 

Project NEW – This is a program developed by the Missouri State Teachers’ Association to assist new teachers as they begin teaching. Interesting model, and specifically useful for teachers in that state.

Teacher Mentoring – An ERIC Digest – This is a somewhat older digest of teacher mentoring issues and resources, offered as part of the ERIC collection. You’ll find ERIC’s dependable depth and thoroughness. – This is a quasi-commercial site, but it contains scores of links to resources dealing with mentoring and staff development. Since the site is searchable, it is worth a look if you are trying to track down information on a specific topic.



Programs for Students

National Mentoring Partnership – A national effort to create groups of mentors for communities nationwide.

Electronic Emissary – Provides a way to link students with experts in specific fields.

Science Mentoring – University of Rochester – Description of the University’s program to provide mentors (both academic and those working in corporations) for students interested in careers in science.

Telementoring Projects – Examples and information about mentoring projects for students that use communication technology to link adults and students in productive relationships. At the least, this site offers good examples that others might emulate. Ideally, you might find a project that would work for a student you know.

University of Texas Health Sciences Mentoring Opportunities – This is a description of health care career mentoring opportunities available from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio. It provides numerous examples of places teachers might find mentors for students interested in health care careers. It’s even better if you’re in San Antonio!

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