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This TeachersFirst section offers a bit of "personal space." The pages below offer information that isn’t strictly academic, but which can help you in your professional role or save you time in your "other life" outside the school. We have used information models of the sort you would  typically find in the teachers’ room at a school.

You Can Contribute!
Many of these sections offer an opportunity for sharing ideas among teachers. We encourage you to participate whenever possible. You can contribute to any of these sections by sending an e-mail to

"Standardized Testing" Special:

The 1895 Final Exam – Just for fun, take a look at an 8th grade final exam from 1895 and decide how far we’ve come in the past century. It’s a great look at what students had to know back then, and it might make you re-think the implications of the phrase "an 8th grade education."
These are the teaching tips they don’t tell you in school. You either hear this information from your colleagues, or you learn it from experience. This section is to help those who have less experience learn from those who have more. Check it out!
click for Humor Every teacher has a few funny stories. Some are funny and inspirational; other are just plain hilarious. Here’s a chance to share yours.
click for recipe exchange Ever been in a faculty room that didn’t have food?? Here’s a chance to read and contribute recipes for the next staff party, treats for the kids, or something festive for a special occasion. The menu will change frequently, and we hope to get lots of contributors.

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