This unit has been adapted from graphics and text submitted to TeachersFirst by Bill Burton, Calhoun Ga.
Our thanks for his creativity in developing these materials.

Welcome to the Inventor’s Workshop

TeachersFirst developed this unit to provide upper elementary and middle school teachers with a set of resources for exploring inventors and inventions. Invention is a great topic to include as part of the study of the industrial revolution, in a unit on creativity, or as part of an exercise in problem-solving.

Our Inventor’s Workshop includes three parts.

An on-line unit on inventors of the industrial revolution. This unit covers inventors and inventions in Europe and theUnited States during the period from 1700 to 1910. While not comprehensive, it does make connections showing how one invention led to the development of another. At the end of this unit, you will find…

A quiz on inventors from the Industrial Revolution. For now, this is a short factual quiz. Depending on demand, we may add additional quizzes and puzzles.

A list of invention and inventor resources. This listing is compiled from all the TeachersFirst subject areas, and it includes materials suitable for all grades. Resources listed in this section will open in a new browser window.

If you would like to submit your favorite invention/inventor ideas or resources, send them via e-mail to Happy inventing!

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