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ESL Resources

Updated: November 9, 2001

Bilingual Lesson Plans on the WebK-12 – from the National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education & George Washington University – This site consists of links to sites that contain ESL lesson plans. Many of the ideas and concepts in the site are researched and reviewed by NCBE. Items are separated by grade level or language. There are also multimedia, cross-curricular links, and non-bilingual lesson plans.

Bilingual Links CollectionK-12 – This collection from Houghton Mifflin offers a limited selection of bilingual (Spanish/English) lessons in many different subjects and grade levels. These include a number of resources dealing with Latin American customs and literature.

Dave’s ESL CafeAll Grades – Here’s a site with resources specifically for ESL students. The concentration is on building fluency in English using a variety of conversational and reading strategies. There are also links to a number of other ESL resources. Some of the material is designed for adult learners, but could be adapted for secondary students.

ESL Partyland – This site should add to the collection of tools ESL teachers have available to maintain the attention of their students. There is a constantly-changing selection of resources designed for students of all ages and ability levels. The suitability of each resource is entirely dependent on the nature of your students.

Everything ESL – Here’s another current collection of ESL resources organized in a very accessible format.

The Internet TESL Journal – This is a venerable (well, since 1995 anyway) online journal for ESL teachers. The various editions include articles, activities, and projects for ESL teachers and students. Importantly, back issues are archived on-line, creating an extensive resource for ESL teachers. – Grades 7+ – Research (all subjects). This is a commercial site developed in cooperation with Macmillan Publishing and the Purdue University Writing Center. The site includes many sections to guide students through the process of research (including Internet source information), planning, and writing, including documentation styles and grammar explanations. It also includes information for ESL students and those writing in the work environment. It could be useful as a reference to be recommended to students for home use to supplement school assignments, or its structure could be used to plan a research unit for a class in any subject.

Self Study ESL Quizzes – This is a large collection of ESL study materials, including quizzes on numerous topics. There’s enough variety here to ensure that you’ll find something useful.

TEFL Pitstop – Here’s a British site with a wealth of ESL teaching resources, including games, puzzles, and lots of printable handouts and other resources. The site also includes a collection of ESL articles and teaching tips. This would be a great resource for teachers who need to adapt quickly to a variety of student needs and abilities.


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