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About TeachersFirst  

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TeachersFirst is a web resource for K-12 classroom teachers who want useful resources and lesson plans to use with their students. TeachersFirst is a division of Network for Instructional TV, Inc., a not-for-profit learning technologies corporation which works with hundreds of schools throughout the United States. TeachersFirst is a free service; support is provided by corporate underwriters interested in encouraging improvements in the quality of American education.


How TeachersFirst Works

TeachersFirst is a collection of original content, Internet resources, and lesson plans drawn from around the world. Each resource is selected and reviewed by one of TeachersFirst’s reviewers, all of whom have classroom teaching experience. Reviewed resources are grouped by subject and grade level, so that teachers can find what they need quickly.

TeachersFirst concentrates on resources which can be used in teaching. We provide professional content on topics which relate to classroom instruction and teaching issues, rather than attempting to include all the theoretical and advocacy information which is also available on the Web. Our audience is "teachers in the trenches" and we try to meet their needs wherever possible.


TeachersFirst Is Simple to Use

TeachersFirst’s classroom resrouces are available by clicking the red Classoom Resources tab at the top of each page. These resources include our Content Matrix, Hot Topics, weekly Featured Sites, and weekly Brain Twister quiz.

Each TeachersFirst review provides a color-coded grade level indication. These are approximate and will vary based on the abilities of individual students. Since some sites offer a significant variety of content, some reviews may be rated for a wide range of grades. Many of these resources and lessons do not require the use of a computer for the lesson itself. TeachersFirst lists many resources which require nothing more than paper, a few props, and a good teacher.

TeachersFirst Professional Resources are available from the green Professional Resources tab at the top of each page. These include information for special student populations, tips for new teachers, and our TechTopics – listings of effective ways to use technology in teaching.

Clicking on the yellow Site Resources tab will take you to a search page, TeachersFirst’s "Learning the Web" section offering simple tutorials and explanations of Internet services and terminology, the weekly TeachersFirst Update newsletter, and the TeachersFirst Toolbox, where you can find plug-ins and other browser goodies.


Finding New Content on TeachersFirst

TeachersFirst adds scores of new resources each month. Depending on your individual needs, there are several ways to keep up with the latest additions.

Subscribe to our TeachersFirst Updates. TeachersFirst sends updates on new resources and activities each week. To subscribe now, click here.

Check the Featured Sites section each week by clicking on the Featured Sites banner on the red Classroom Resources menu bar.

Click on the Hot Topics selection on the red Classroom Resources menu bar. This section provides current news or topical resources which are particularly applicable to the classroom. This section is updated whenever events warrant it.


What About Copyright?

All materials on TeachersFirst are copyrighted by either NITV or the content owners. TeachersFirst content is designed for classroom use, and our materials may be reproduced in sufficient quantities for classroom instruction. Please see the TeachersFirst Visitor’s Agreement for additional details on using these materials.s

TeachersFirst also provides links to thousands of other resources published by government, corporate, and individual Internet users. Copyright terms for these materials will vary and are generally clearly stated on each site.


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